How to surprise a guy in bed? Techniques, tips, best ways.

How to surprise a guy in bed? Techniques, tips, best ways.

How to surprise a guy in bed? Techniques, tips, best ways.

How to surprise a guy in bed? Sometimes it's enough that you don't get a headache just when lust rises in it. However, if your bedroom is not so bad, you will have to show some invention to reach the next levels of surprise.


How to surprise a guy in bed?

How to surprise a guy in bed ? Well, the banal and grim reality of many bedrooms is that it will be a surprise for your partner if you end up in bed with him at all, and even more so – on your own initiative.

Culturally taught, habitually accustomed, men statistics more often initiate close-ups, fighting in their heads with thoughts whether she really wants it (or skipping this thread in reflections).

And even if the growing sexual awareness of women and the evolution in the perception of gender roles affect the change of behavior in bed, many men still feel unsatisfied in this matter.

Because either the bedroom has been cold for a long time, or she seems to do it by force and out of a sense of duty, succumbing to his lust ... Meanwhile, many men want nothing in bed more than for a spark to fall from her.

Get rid of the routine in bed

But let's assume that things aren't that bad in your bedroom. Over time, however, routine begins to creep in. You feel it too, and you don't want it to be like that. You want to change something, so more and more often you wonder how to surprise a man in bed.

Fortunately, the possibilities are endless. The sphere of human sexuality is so extensive, and the nature of interpersonal relationships so diverse, that the boundaries of surprise can be shifted indefinitely, adequately, of course, to what gives you pleasure.

How to surprise a man in bed?

Let's start with the simplest things, bordering on banality, but extremely effective. When thinking about how to surprise a guy in bed, remember a few assumptions. First of all – men are visual learners, they like to look.

Secondly, men like " dressing up " that changes the everyday image of a woman, which is not necessarily related to fetishistic biases.

If you wear politely every day, it will not be a big surprise that it will be excitingly affected by a defiant dress, stockings, erotic lingerie, sharp makeup, etc. So what if it's so schematic...

In addition, the opposite scenario is also possible, much less banal. When you usually walk around "done", show him in bed as you really are: no makeup, no underwear, completely saute .

What to surprise a guy in the bedroom?

Sometimes there is nothing to be surprised about. You don't know how to surprise a guy in bed? Think about what you never, or almost never, do, that most men love to do (or at least they think so, because they haven't been given a try yet).

You won't always like it, but probably your partner loves oral sex (as a recipient of pleasure, because as a giver – it can be different). And he would probably also like to try sex , if he has not been given it already.

Of course, nothing by force. These forms of sexual activity require full acceptance on the part of both partners. If you feel that this is not for you, try something else. After all, there are so many positions that men fantasize about.

Toys that will help surprise a guy in bed

The further into the forest, the more the specter of "50 Shades of Gray" and other such "masterpieces" will hover over the bed – about which we loyally warn in advance.

If you have the lingerie stage behind you, if you did the Kamasutra in general outline last weekend, and there are still not enough impressions, probably sooner or later toys will appear in your bed. The possibilities are endless.

Although devices such asvibrators are usually (but not always, which will be discussed in a moment), many guys will react with strong excitement when they see you playing with yourself.

For him (and by the way also for you), an interesting gadget can be a vibrating penis pad. Add to this plush handcuffs and a subtle scarf with versatile uses (tying hands, covering the eyes, etc.) and here we are in the vestibule of the " expert level ".

Surprise the guy and find his G-spot

The anus in many bedrooms is taboo, though he probably glances wistfully at your bottom from time to time. What if the roles were reversed? Many partners will certainly not go for it, after all, interest in male anus is usually identified with homosexual love.

It should be known, however, that skillful stimulation of the anus, in particular the G-spot located in its depth, is considered an extremely strong erotic sensation, which can directly lead to orgasm or strengthening orgasm.

This goal can be achieved with a finger or a small vibrator. Another form of sexual activity is the so-called rimming - oral-practice consisting in caring for the anus and its surroundings with the tongue. The question is, will any of the partners have enough courage to do so?

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